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Doing the Right Things

How to develop an environment and sustainability training strategy that works

When “Making Strategy Work” is the cover topic of the Harvard Business Review, as it was in March 2015, it’s clear that many people and organisations struggle with strategy.

Over the years I’ve heard many hard-working environment and sustainability managers say:

  • “The problems are so many and pressing, there’s no time to do anything other than react to them as they crop up.”
  • “Everything we do is equally important – we can’t prioritise one thing over another.”

They just don’t have the time or resources to take a strategic approach to the issues.

Other problems I’ve noticed over many years are that:

  • strategies that do get written are so high-level that they have little or no relevance or impact at the operational level, where change has to happen
  • most environment and sustainability training initiatives are developed by subject matter experts who do not have a background in business or professional training
  • the focus is on the urgent environmental issues, while slower-burning sustainability issues can struggle to gain traction
  • organisations struggle to execute even the most beautiful strategies
  • strategies seldom relate to the business or policy outcomes in a way that enables measurement of their effectiveness and return on investment.

Who should attend

This workshop is for you if you work for a:

  • company that needs to roll out environment and sustainability training in the most cost-effective way
  • professional association trying to do the same for your members
  • government body considering or already rolling out environmental and/or sustainability training to address a range of issues across different sectors
  • non-profit wanting to develop a training strategy to support the work you do.

This workshop will enable you build a robust environment and sustainability training strategy that:

  • prioritizes risks and opportunities
  • identifies the  different technical topics on which you will need to develop training programs
  • includes best practice business tools to make sure your strategy can be effectively implemented and sustained (research shows that most business strategies fail)
  • is based on best practice approaches to adult vocational training, including on-job support and staff induction, development and retention
  • enables you to measure the effectiveness of your training
  • is demonstrably aligned with espoused business outcomes, including financial performance requirements.Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 3.25.06 PM

During the workshop, you will:

  • work with your own corporate environment and sustainability documents and operational processes
  • generate a table of contents uniquely tailored to your own strategic training needs
  • identify and prioritise subject-specific topics for which you need to develop a targeted training program
  • create a reading list to help you source the information you need to flesh out your table of contents into your own completed strategy
  • work out how to keep up to date with developments in the worlds of business and professional training.

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Workshop outcomes

After the workshop, you will:

  • define how you differentiate between environmental and sustainability issues
  • understand the many benefits of taking a strategic approach to your environment and sustainability training
  • be able to develop a training strategy that “joins the dots” between high level outcomes and operational requirements
  • be able to write your strategy in a way that appeals to your many internal and external stakeholders
  • know how to evaluate the effectiveness of your training strategy against both strategic and operational outcomes, including financial as well as environmental and sustainability outcomes and other outcomes of concern.

My benefits-based prioritising approach helps you build on your own risk management processes and works for both environment & sustainability and health & safety training programs.

Registration includes:

  • a printed workbook
  • morning and afternoon tea and lunch
  • access to a password-protected webpage with over 30 free resources to help you get your training program up to speed faster
  • practical activities before, during and after the workshop that help you get the most out of the day
  • an Open Badge of attendance to go in your own electronic training backpack.

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Use my book for maximum benefit

You will gain more from this workshop if you have a copy of my book, “How to Change the World – a practical guide to successful environmental training programs”. It’s relevant to both health & safety and environment & sustainability professionals. You can either:

  • bring along your copy if you have one
  • click here to buy your copy now and get access the 30+ free resources that go with it!

And just click here to find out more about the book before you buy.

Praise for the last Strategy workshop

  • “It was great to work with you all last week at the Training Strategy workshop! It was such an encouraging discussion and I loved learning from the different perspectives and experiences we all have.  Thanks so much for for a great training session and for being so open and collaborative …. I hope this is just the beginning!” Jane James, KiwiRail.
  • “Sharing ideas and stories was a highlight of the day. I will plan time to start my strategy development – Step 1 is to develop a process map. Would like the follow up Training Program course in early 2016 (so I can have a milestone to complete our strategy!)” Claire Jewell, Environmental Manager, Bluescope Pacific Steel
  • “Many many thanks again for the great workshop! It was a wonderful and inspiring group indeed, humorous and delightful. And I did learn heaps. A big compliment to you as a presenter – you were really wonderful.” Susie Wood, Sustainability@Work
  • “A highlight of the workshop was its informal and workshop-style, collaboratively learning with everyone – learning from all their and your experiences.  Thank you for a great workshop, Clare.” Sue Ira, Koru Environmental Ltd

Workshop details

Date:     Coming soon …..  This workshop runs when a minimum of ten people register.

Time:     8:30am to 5:00pm

Fee:        $495.00 pre-GST for individuals (see discounts below)

Place:    Best Western Ellerslie International Motor Inn, 2 Wilkinson Rd, Ellerslie, Auckland. There is accommodation and parking on site, a major bus route has stops nearby and the Ellerslie train station is a brisk walk or a taxi ride away.

Maximum 20 people per workshop, and discounts are available:

  • 10% discount if you attend two workshops
  • 20% discount if you sign up for three or four workshops

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Get my free ebook when you register: “Environmental training: how to change the world, one workshop at a time.”

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