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ROI: Return On Investment

How to calculate the costs and returns on environment and sustainability training

1-day workshop in Auckland

If you want to know how to quantify the benefits of your environment and sustainability training so you can clearly demonstrate the value of that work to your bosses, then this is the workshop is for you.

… read on to find out why…

You know your environment  and sustainability staff need ongoing training. You know your training makes a difference to the cost-effectiveness of your operations.  You’ve even pulled together some numbers. You also know that you need to use a credible and accepted method that other people use to demonstrate your business case.

But you don’t know where to find it.

Is this you?

You struggle to justify the cost of your environment and sustainability training programs

Your managers are asking about the actual benefits they’re getting from your training

You’re finding it difficult to measure how environment and sustainability training contributes to your company’s real business outcomes

You can’t find examples that justify the cost of government bodies like yours setting up industry training programs to tackle real environmental issues.

You and I both know that many environment and sustainability managers struggle with these problems, whether they’re in business, government or the nonprofit sector.

The technical nature of our work means we are really good at measuring complex stuff – environmental indicators, emissions data, environmental compliance monitoring and much, much more.

But we get stumped when it comes to evaluating the effectiveness of our environment and sustainability training.

That’s because, as environment and sustainability experts, we’re looking for training tools in the environment and sustainability box.

Sadly, many people delivering environment and sustainability training just don’t know that there’s a WHOLE OTHER PROFESSION out there that has another toolbox full of all the tools we need to solve these exact same problems.

Are you ready to look in another toolbox that has proven tools you can use to measure the difference you make?

Are you up for the challenge of measuring the effectiveness of your training in monetary terms as well as in qualitative ways?

Are you ready to totally sell your senior managers on the positive payback of training?

Are you willing to fully align your training programs with your organisation’s policies, objectives, key result areas, financial targets and KPIs?

Are you ready to measure the financial benefits of things that we know good environmental training yields but which seem intangible and unmeasurable – like higher staff engagement, productivity and profitability?

Are you up for the challenge of demonstrating accountability against your training budget allocation?

  Are you ready to measure the real value for money that your training delivers for your organisation’s financial, environmental, sustainability and other outcomes?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then come and join me and your professional peers at my ROI workshop.

My ROI workshop is a 1-day hands-on workshop where you can work on real case studies and on examples from your own workplace in order to calculate the costs and returns on your environment and sustainability training in full financial terms – the RETURN ON INVESTMENT method you’ve been looking for.

So what does “ROI” mean in training-speak?

Remember that WHOLE OTHER PROFESSION out there?

99% of environmental experts delivering training are what “real” trainers – that whole other profession of trainers and human resources learning & development personnel – call “subject matter” experts. What they mean by that is that we have deep expertise in our environment and sustainability professional disciplines – but not in training. That’s a real problem when we want to prove the cost-effectiveness of our environment and sustainability training. Why?

Because training professionals are as astonishingly proficient at their job as we are at ours – and they have a range of fabulous tools in their training toolbox that we need to get our hands on.

They know how to measure the effectiveness of their training, and they recognize FIVE levels of evaluation – of which full financial ROI is the fifth.

If you want to measure level 5, you’ll need to measure levels 1-4 first. The ROI is just a set of simple calculations: it’s in levels 1-4 that you collate the information you need to do the sums.

“Enlightening workshop with potential real benefits to companies and staff development. I will recommend to our Group General Manager (and Directors) that a study of ROI be carried out. – Bob Hirst, National Development Manager, Southeys Group Ltd

“Clare is a vivacious and dynamic presenter who immediately engages you from the start. – Simonne Liley, Consultant, UpTraining

Here’s just some of what we’ll get into at the workshop …

We’ll dig round in the professional trainers’ toolbox and practise using their proven tools that are accepted all around the world.

And you will:

use my unique checklists so you can learn how to identify the TRUE costs to your company of even small environmental incidents

analyse real case studies of environment and sustainability training and the reputational and financial harm of poor performance

learn FOUR FORMULAE that you can use to calculate the REAL Return On Investment of your environment and sustainability training

draw upon data from your own workplace (if you have it available)

learn why it’s so important to collect this data if you don’t have any readily to hand

work out when and how often to do full financial ROI assessments of the effectiveness of your training

compare the cost to the business of getting it wrong with the amazing business benefits of getting it right.

By the end of the day, you will feel genuinely confident that you start using your new skills and tools to:

assess your environment and sustainability training needs

evaluate the effectiveness of your training

pick just the right indicators to calculate the dollar ROI on your training.

“Really enjoyed the enthusiasm. Clare brings a unique style to her training – very effective. – Environmental manager at a major transport facility.

“Thought provoking, entertaining and practical. – Mike Hannah, Managing Director, Stormwater 360

Your workshop facilitator

Clare Feeney is the Sustainability Strategist. She helps business and government bodies solve environmental problems with targeted training.

She is an award-winning professional speaker and trainer, and a published author. Her book How to change the world: a practical guide to successful environmental training programs was published in the UK in 2013.

Clare wholeheartedly believes that today’s challenges offer some of humanity’s most exciting opportunities to make real differences to people and places. Spreading the wealth of benefits from environment and sustainability training is her chosen role in building a happy and lasting future for all life on Earth.

This is her life’s work.

Clare has a unique and proven approach to environment and sustainability training, for two very different reasons.

Firstly, she is an environmental expert: she has worked at the coalface, academic and strategic levels of the environment and sustainability area all of her professional life.

Secondly, she has been a member of the New Zealand Association of Training and Development for over 20 years. She takes her role as an environment and sustainability trainer very seriously, and makes the most of the Association’s professional development opportunities, learning from the leading practitioners of professional learning and development in the US and Australasia.

Clare’s vision is that every job is a green job. And she knows that great environment and sustainability training is a practical and transformative way to:

create jobs

grow profits

improve the environment.

Join me for my workshop on ROI: Financial Return on Investment, and learn how to measure – and increase – the difference your environment and sustainability training makes to the world.


Date: Tuesday 17 October 2017

Time: 8:30am to 5:00pm

Place:  Quality Hotel, 10-20 Gladstone Rd, Parnell, Auckland 1052. There is accommodation and parking on site and a major bus route has stops nearby.

Investment: The Early Bird Special is just $297 pre-GST until 5pm on 15 September 2017.

Special rates are available for previous attendees. Click here to contact me about YOUR special rate.

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“This is such an important and valuable offer/opportunity for businesses today. Clare has a wonderful way of engaging her clients and bringing them on this journey. Thanks Clare! – Fonda Smyth, Management Consultant