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How Environmental Training can Save the World

Amidst worries about poverty, unemployment, population growth, resource scarcity and ecosystem stress, are dreams of sustainability an unaffordable luxury? No.

Why? Because solving these problems will support job creation, innovation, productivity and a better life in a more sustainable world.

How? Through green jobs.

By 2032, green jobs could employ 15–60 million people worldwide, according to the International Labour Organization and UN Environment Programme, lifting them out of poverty and unemployment and creating wealth while improving social and environmental outcomes.

The real potential for job growth is even higher than this: many uncounted environmental jobs are already embedded into the mainstream economy and their numbers are steadily growing.

The environmental training these workers need creates jobs, grows profits and improves the environment.

I’m The Sustainability Strategist and I know how to set up training programs that really work.

My book How to Change the World: a practical guide to successful environmental training programs sets out a proven pathway for effective environmental training. Governments, non-profits and businesses big and small see the opportunities: environmental and sustainability skills are needed in every sector of society, from IT and banking to farming and tourism.

Find out how I can help your organisation or sector develop its own environmental professionals – people who add business value to every job.


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Be inspired by the difference environmental training makes for people, profit and planet!


Which audience are you?

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Find out how your sector can benefit from environmental training. 


Current Workshops

A series of five workshops that will transform business and the environment.


World-changing work

Why I think adult vocational training for smart jobs that improve the environment can change the world.


Tips and Tools

Over 30 FREE resources I’ve created to help you set up your own successful environmental training program. 


The Business Case

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Governments, businesses and non-profits—here’s the business case for environmental training! 


Check out the book …

My guide to successful environmental training programs is available through your local stores or Amazon.

How it works for you

Talk through your needs, issues or ideas with me by email, or call me on +64 9 973 0880 for an obligation-free discussion.


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