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Really Interesting Stuff to Know about your company – check out my workshops on business risk and training on environment and sustainability here!

Clare Feeney Studio 01 croppedClare is The Sustainability Strategist. She focuses on productive and profitable business and great governance to create jobs and improve the environment. She’ll help you grow your SUSTAIN.ABILITY.


Sustainability Strategies for Your Success

What is sustainability? Sure, it’s “people living happy, healthy and meaningful lives in healthy ecosystems”. But what does it look like in practical terms, for people, businesses and governments?

That’s where I come in.

I’m The Sustainability Strategist and I help you work with your vision and objectives and the risks and opportunities you face in order to deliver the environment and sustainability outcomes you need.

What’s in it for you? A way to grow jobs, increase profits and improve the environment – and have fun along the way!

The good news is that the smart operators are already doing it. The more we do, the more we learn and the better we get

Sustainability for business

Helping you align your business and sustainability outcomes. Grow your staff engagement and productivity by getting smarter about sustainability. I shine a light on your business so you see things you’ve never noticed before. It’s all good for your bottom line and your whole value chain.

Sustainability for government

Helping you move yourself and others towards sustainability. Government bodies play a vital role in the sustainability transition. My unique and proven framework will help you work with grow the sustainability capability of every sector. It really works, and I can help you measure it.

Sustainability for non-profits

Helping you achieve your cultural, community and entrepreneurial goals. First nations and non-profits are inspiring new governance and business models for positive business, social and environmental outcomes. I can show you how you can measure these benefits.