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March 2011

Research and community—the university extension model

Since I last blogged, I’ve been thinking about university extension activities and talking about them with a number of friends, clients and colleagues. I’m aware of two universities in the US with major extension programs; Wisconsin and Florida. My colleague Mark Hostetler at UF says that the vision in the US is for every state to have one university that does extension work. So what is university extension? According to the …Read More

Cities—the new biodiversity haven: free webinar on 22 March

My colleague Dr Mark Hostetler from the University of Florida in Gainesville is running a free webinar on “Conserving Biodiversity in Subdivision Development”. It’s on Tuesday March 22, 2011 beginning at 2pm EST (on the East Coast of the USA, or 7am on Wednesday the 23rd of March for New Zealanders). The webinar will be about an hour long with 15 minutes Q&A at the end.  There is more information …Read More

Health, wealth and happiness

Confession time. Watersheds, landforms and the natural environment are my first love – but ecological economics is my second. Together they blend into the theme on which I now speak and write; business productivity. This US trip has allowed me to fully indulge these three passions, and to develop a fourth addiction – to the New York Times. Its tone is at once literary and incisive, resulting in a conversational …Read More

New York—a wonderful city

I took another trip to New York yesterday and walked all through the financial district to have lunch with a friend. It was surprisingly low key and attractive – though my friend told me it was massively depopulated following 9/11. A lot of firms relocated afterwards and there is still a great deal of empty office space. One pleasant result is that lots of offices were converted to loft and …Read More

A 6-foot man and a 6-foot gator in a 36-inch pipe…

Not a good combination! This is the last of my alligator tales, recounted by Norm Shea, Director of Lakes Management in South Carolina. Norm was regaling a lunch-time group of us at the IECA conference (see a previous post) with some wonderful stories about his firm’s work on storm drain inspection and maintenance. He has a team of divers who go through storm drain systems, noting where maintenance is needed …Read More