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April 2011

Values, assets, services, resources—choosing our words

Since my last blog, I’ve been working on watershed management plans and thinking about the extent to which we consciously consider the natural aspects of our watersheds, including the fresh or salt water bodies into which they eventually flow. What difference does it make to how we approach our management planning if we use different words? I can’t help but feel that it really does make a difference. Top of …Read More

“Make it so attractive that people want to work with us”

Still in recovery mode from an intense week in Melbourne and gradually processing all the information I gathered, I’m finding this quote “Make it so attractive that people want to work with us” works equally well as a banner for both the speaking and the environmental professions. Standouts at the speakers convention on Saturday, Sunday and Monday 2-4 April included Peter Sheahan and Ngahihi o te ra Bidois, while Peter …Read More

Ethics is the new black

People everywhere are rethinking the meaning of life and the role of work in contributing to that meaning. For many businesses, governments, community organizations and families, this has opened up opportunities to take stock; not just financially, but also in terms of their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. What could this mean for businesses over the next year or two? Society’s deep disillusionment with cynical, unethical, greedy and, let’s …Read More