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May 2011

Ecosystem services are the new metric

The economic, social and cultural benefits of a healthy environment are one of the things that GDP doesn’t measure. However, in 2007 the World Bank conservatively estimated (see reference (1) below)  the cost of China’s pollution at 5.8% of its GDP. Recent reports (2) show that business is beginning to notice the cost of such environmental harm: 27% of global CEOs surveyed by PwC in 2009 expressed concern about the …Read More

Productivity is the new green

Praseodymium, lanthanum, ytterbium – no, it’s not a spell from a Hogwart’s wizarding textbook: these are some of the 17 rare earths that are… rare. Used in all manner of essential electrical and infrastructure components, they are now so scarce that the few nations lucky enough to have them are reluctant to part with them. Of course, part of the reason they are so rare is that most of them …Read More