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June 2011

Post-disaster community and ecosystem reconstruction: online gaming and the path to the restoration economy

It seems that major earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, tsunami, droughts, floods, snows and fires have characterized the last few years. What do all these natural disasters mean for businesses and the environment? In the short term, we rightly focus on rescue and the alleviation of suffering. In the medium term we focus on getting businesses up and running. We also see growing focus on environmental restoration as part of a sustainable …Read More

Quietude and creativity, essential companions for successful businesses

Two weeks into a four-week meditation retreat and ideas for two books came to me in a flash. Both arrived fully formed and were captured in a frenzied three days of writing in any available spare time. After that – back to the meditation, knowing my ideas were safely documented and wouldn’t evaporate before I got back to my desk. Interesting timing: after some training, speaking and consulting work in …Read More

Why accountants are the new cool

In these challenging times, accountants are the new cool. Why? You can’t manage what you don’t measure – and accountants are great at measuring things. In fields as diverse as industrial resource efficiency, mitigating the adverse effects of farming on the environment, erosion and sediment control on big construction sites, integrated watershed management, quadruple bottom line monitoring (across all four wellbeings; social, cultural, economic and environmental) and sustainable urban infrastructure, …Read More

Happiness is the new GDP

We all know about Bhutan, but Canada has done it for ages, Britain is thinking about it, and France has taken it on board, too. What is it? Gross National Happiness, to complement – or even replace – GDP. The search for meaning in life is also seeing governments world-wide acknowledge that financial measures such as gross domestic product can’t tell us everything about how well people are really doing. …Read More

Carbon-free: more value for smart businesses

Do you think that global climate change is happening? If you think it is happening, do you think that people are causing it? Do you follow the news on climate change or emissions controls such as cap and trade or carbon tax schemes? Do you think your answers matter? Because I don’t. Why? There’s no point squabbling about it – BECAUSE – carbon emissions are what we call a ‘proxy …Read More