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September 2011

Environmental training builds new professions… and the restoration – or green – economy

Everyday workplace activities cause a host of problems that bedevil businesses and government bodies. Many agencies are constantly fighting a rearguard action against water, soil and air pollution and other environmental problems from construction, manufacturing, utility works and farming? 19 years experience with a major environmental training program has shown me how training can systematically address such problems. When that erosion and sediment control program started my co-trainer and I …Read More

Learning to love learning

Over the last few weeks I’ve been immersed in work on measuring the outcomes and effectiveness of watershed management plans – stuff I’ve been looking at for some years now. The most common finding is that many plans aren’t written in a way that enables their implementation and outcomes to be documented. Among the many other barriers to identifying the effectiveness of our plans are lack of time for overworked staff …Read More