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November 2011

Carbon taxes add value for smart businesses

Do you think that global climate change is happening? If you think it is happening, do you think that people are causing it? Do you follow the news on emissions controls such as cap and trade or carbon tax schemes? Do you think the answers matter? Because I don’t. Why? There’s no point squabbling about it – BECAUSE – carbon emissions are what we call a ‘proxy indicator’ of waste: …Read More

Proof: how will you make sure your trainees are meeting their performance standard?

It’s always important for trainers to know their training is effective, and there is a growing focus on the different levels of evaluation, from the “smile sheets” we give out at the end of a workshop to a full financial return on investment – and beyond!       For environmental trainers, there is often an additional impetus, which is the need for compliance monitoring to ensure that organizations are …Read More

Process: exactly how will you deliver your environmental training?

When most of us think of training, we automatically go back to the crowded classrooms of our early educational experience. But these days, training can be delivered in many ways, most of them much more effective than a noisy room.        Options for how and where you can deliver your environmental training include: ‘classroom’ style at a venue suitable for interactive workshops field visits to an operational site …Read More

Performance: exactly what do you want your trainees to do?

The first hard question to ask yourself before you invest a lot of time in researching the benefit of an environmental (or any!) training program is: “Is training the solution to the problem?” It’s no use making people attend training workshops if you can’t clearly define the training objectives and outcomes, or if workplace factors make it too hard for trainees to apply what they learn. The first of these …Read More

Partnership: the genuine article means doing environmental training WITH your stakeholders – not FOR them or TO them

Last night in a mentoring session with the wonderful Ann Andrews, she asked, “If you had someone from your target audience right in front of you, what are 5 key tips you would like to give them?” Having something of a thing about alliteration, I came up with 5 Ps: Partnership, Personas, Performance, Process and Proof. I’ll write about these over the next five weeks – starting today with Partnership. …Read More

Heading past seven billion people on the planet—exploding some population myths

The birth of numbers of symbolic 7-billionth babies round the world has been greeted with both happiness and horror. Joy of course to the parents, accompanied by worry about whether the planet can support its burgeoning population. Yet already by the 3rd Century, Tertullian was saying “We are burdensome to the world, the resources are scarcely adequate for us… already nature does not sustain us” – this at a time when …Read More