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December 2011

A huge thank-you to the Sustainability Society for launching my book!

Last night the Sustainability Society launched two books about sustainability – my “Seven Steps to Successful Environmental Training Programs”, and Niki Harre’s “Psychology for a better world: Strategies to Inspire Sustainability”. Niki is a social psychologist in the University of Auckland’s Department of Psychology. We had 5 minutes each to overview our books – and this was a real challenge: both of us are used to 50-minute speaking slots, and …Read More

Supporting social wellbeing at Christmas time

“Tired of crass consumerism dominating Christmas?” This subtitle accompanied a New Zealand Herald article by Jan Corbett way back in December 2000. Jan described how the previous Christmas, PR firm The Dock Street Group had done something shocking: it didn’t send a single present to a single client. Instead it sent a gift-wrapped certificate saying that in lieu of a gift, the firm was making a donation to the Fred Hollows Foundation, to support …Read More

Policy – an extra plank in your training platform

 Over the last five weeks, I’ve looked at 5 Ps that will make sure you develop and deliver sensational training: Partnership Personas Performance Process Proof. As I start to think about my next professional speaking engagement on the topic, I’ve gone back to the seven steps I describe in the book and pulled out one more ‘P’ for you: Policy.         Before you invest a lot of …Read More