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May 2012

My book selected to go to the Frankfurt Book Fair—the world’s largest!

I am still recovering from the shock of having my book selected to go on the New Zealand stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair.  The New Zealand Society of Authors, to which I belong, is showcasing 40 New Zealand books at Frankfurt, the world’s largest book fair. Supported by generous sponsorship from Copyright Licensing Limited, the stand takes advantage of New Zealand’s status of Guest of Honor at the 2012 …Read More

E-training for contractors

Some years ago, a major New Zealand water utility company wanted its contractors to prepare environmental management plans.        The company was conscious that how it installed, operated and maintained its city’s water, stormwater and wastewater services had the potential to affect the natural environment during the regular upgrades, maintenance and repairs that all such large networks need. It decided to actively seek environmentally sound solutions that complied …Read More

Science and sustainability win the day at Ellerslie International Flower Show

Urban sustainability exhibits won several awards earlier this year at the Ellerslie International Flower Show in Christchurch, New Zealand. My colleague Dr Colin Meurk helped create Landcare Research’s ‘Transitions’ exhibition garden that won the Supreme Award for Horticultural Excellence. The destruction of much of this beautiful city as a result of the devastating series of earthquakes has led to a great deal of community reflection on how to rebuild, and locals have …Read More