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July 2012

Re-inspiring myself about training

Recently I had the privilege of attending a professional development session with Karen Boyes from Spectrum Education. What a whirlwind she is! Karen specializes in helping teachers understand how to teach so children learn and helping parents support their children’s learning can  – and she teaches the children themselves how best to learn what they are taught. The interesting thing was that before we fully found this out, Karen was …Read More

Huffington Post gets a green blog

My friend and colleague Mark Hostetler has started a blog on green development for the Huffington post. Focused on urban environments, where most of us in the world now live, it is chatty, interesting and very informative. One of Mark’s recent blogs is based on his book “That gunk on your car: a unique guide to the insects of North America” and is not only hilarious but very educational – …Read More