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October 2012

My last days at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Next year – I’m already planning it! – I will stay for the whole Fair. It was a difficult decision but with friends in Berlin and Brussels to visit in one week before my week in London, I decided to miss Sunday, the last day of the Fair. Unfortunately, this meant leaving Maggie, Richard and Adrian alone to tidy up our much-loved NZ Society of Authors stand on the Monday, …Read More

More New Zealand authors at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Among the other authors able to attend the Fair are Greg Scowen (The Spanish Helmet), Tui Allen (Ripple), Jenny Mortimer (Knock the bastard off), Anna Gowan (Hollie Chips), Rachel McAlpine (Scarlet Heels, as well as some very good corporate communication books), Ron Riddell(A love beyond) and Owen Scott (Deep beyond the reef). Richard Webster and Adrian Blackburnalso have their recent books on display at the New Zealand Society of Authors stand, and Michael Gill (Himalayan hospitals – Sir Edmund Hillary’s Everest legacy) put in an appearance yesterday, …Read More

Being at the Frankfurt Fair is fantastic fun!

There is so much to tell already…. the happy coincidences that saw three of the independent authors share the same flights from New Zealand and hooking up with incomparable Carole Beu of the Women’s bookshop on the same flights… hearing her story of being able to go as a result of an introduction from a friend in publishing … That story is worth hearing –  Carole’s friend said she’d “watched …Read More