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April 2017

How on earth do you measure the $ ROI from environmental training!?!

Do your bosses and clients continually ask you to justify the cost of your environment and sustainability training? Are you struggling to build leadership around sustainability? In these challenging times, one very simple way to help businesses move from good to great is to be able to clearly articulate to your bosses and clients the cost/benefits of your environment and sustainability training. Did you hear about … the civil construction company that clocked …Read More

Company reports: integrated vs sustainability vs ESG vs responsibility?

In my series of articles for Pure Advantage on the six capitals I speak generally about “accounting for the six capitals” in order to span the wide variety of reports companies prepare to address their financial and other performance, whether in integrated reports, or in annual reports accompanied by separate sustainability and/or ecological, social and governance (ESG) or other corporate responsibility reports. The six capitals addressed in integrated company reports …Read More