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October 2017

Net Zero 2050: towards a low carbon future for New Zealand

When a fully cross-party group of New Zealand MPs get together to commission an economic report from Vivid Economics on how the country can achieve domestic emissions neutrality by the end of this century, you know something’s up. This is serious progress on defining how we can achieve our  commitments under the Paris Agreement. Why do I think this Net Zero report is so important? Because the co-benefits of an …Read More

Why climate change is not the enemy and carbon is your friend

Did you take the Quiz above? What do your answers mean? If you answered “Yes” to all three questions, that’s fine. If you answered “No” to all three, that’s fine, too. Even if you answered “No idea”, “Don’t want to know”or “Too scared to look” – this is fine as well. Why? There’s no point squabbling about it – BECAUSE – carbon emissions are what we call a ‘proxy indicator’ …Read More