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January 2018

Cheeks on seats = Good Training: Yes or No?

They come to your workshop, they stay, they go, they’ve learned. Right? Wrong. Together workshop attendance and the “smile sheet” (the form you fill out after a workshop), are still too often the only ways that many of us track our training. But when did you learn anything else from a smile sheet other than “The room was too hot”, “The lunch was too cold” or (hopefully!) “The trainer was …Read More

Hanging Judge or Fair Play? The judicious use of environmental enforcement

How do we balance “fair” with “fast” when business needs to lift its environmental game? Consider a cost-benefit analysis: the cost of developing a council environmental training program would be paid off if it avoided the cost of just one prosecution. Does this mean that all prosecutions can be avoided by governments delivering good industry training? Not necessarily. Good operators support enforcement because they hate being undercut on bids by …Read More