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A sneak preview and an invitation to be a part of the book

I am just doing the final proofing of this ebook now, and it will be published from my website by mid-September.

This practical workbook contains leading questions and detailed worksheets to help you:

  • find partners within and beyond your organization
  • make a compelling case for the needs and benefits of your training program
  • understand your trainees and their learning needs
  • develop training content and delivery that works
  • measure the success of your training
  • gain long term resourcing and support for your program.

Essential for anyone wanting to create a successful environmental training program, it has case studies of training programs in erosion and sediment control, manufacturing, riparian management, farming, utility operation and environmental restoration by first nations.

Find out the secrets of success of a highly successful program of over 20-years duration – and create your own new profession of environmental professionals to build and spread knowledge and skills in a vibrant restoration economy.

The book is supported by professional speaking and training, as well as free resources soon to be available from my free thinking page.

Be a part of the book – share your learning. If you have any suggestions for improving the book or have case studies and resources to share, do let me know via my website and I’ll upload them to an exclusive resource page for people who have bought the book. I am happy to acknowledge the source of all material.

You can choose to be notified of new editions of the book and other updates via this blog and/or through an occasional newsletter.