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Alligators in the stormwater treatment pond…..

Health and Safety in the workplace took on a whole new meaning for me when Mark Hostetler said there are so many alligators in pond-filled Florida that they quickly take up residence in any new watery real estate that becomes available as part of low impact urban design! A major complicating factor for stormwater pond maintenance.

And I thought pukeko pulling out newly planted ponds and wetland were a pain in the butt…!

Speaking of pukeko, apparently they are an invasive pest in the Florida Everglades. When Hurricane Andrew (or one of them round 2004 or so) hit the State a few years ago, it blew down the fences around one of the southern zoos, and a lot of animals escaped. Most were recovered, but the enterprising pukeko quickly adapted to the Everglades and are going about their usual activities, eating everything and reproducing to the point where locals are calling for a cull. As we have world-beating expertise in plant and animal pest eradication, well – call in the New Zealanders, I say!