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Clare Feeney's Blog

Net Zero 2050: towards a low carbon future for New Zealand

When a fully cross-party group of New Zealand MPs get together to commission an economic report from Vivid Economics on how the country can achieve domestic emissions neutrality by the end of this century, you know something’s up. This is serious progress on defining how we can achieve our  commitments under the Paris Agreement. Why do I think this Net Zero report is so important? Because the co-benefits of an …Read More

Why climate change is not the enemy and carbon is your friend

Did you take the Quiz above? What do your answers mean? If you answered “Yes” to all three questions, that’s fine. If you answered “No” to all three, that’s fine, too. Even if you answered “No idea”, “Don’t want to know”or “Too scared to look” – this is fine as well. Why? There’s no point squabbling about it – BECAUSE – carbon emissions are what we call a ‘proxy indicator’ …Read More

400,000 reasons why you need to do $ ROI on your training

In previous blogs I’ve mentioned the staff of one large company who counted all the costs of a spill – which didn’t incur any enforcement action, fines or legal fees – and found to their consternation that it added up to over $150,000. The company was at that time internally reporting around 50 environmental incidents and near misses a year. When we looked at it, the numbers actually showed that …Read More

7 Reasons to measure the financial ROI on your training

Back by popular demand! Following the brilliant feedback from my recent workshop on how to measure the full financial ROI of environmental training, I’m running a 1-day workshop in Auckland on 17 October! Numbers permitting, there may be another in Wellington after that. In case you are debating the value, here are seven reasons to attend, in the form of  seven “Aha!” moments from trainees the last time I ran …Read More

Passing of Dame Nganeko Minhinnick, Manukau Harbour claimant

On the 17th of June 2013 I wrote a blog – reproduced below – celebrating the awarding of a Queens’ Birthday honour for Dame Nganeko Minhinnick. Four years later, Dame Nganeko has died, and I feel sad. But her legacy lives on in the form of the magnificent Manukau Harbour, once grossly polluted and now recovering as its people and communities continue to ensure its ongoing improvement. Read Simon Collins’ …Read More

Reactive to creative: the trajectory of the learning organisation galvanised by the six capitals

When organisations start assessing their actions and impacts across the six capitals, AMAZING things happen. When we understand this amazingness, we can leverage it even more, to make more of a difference faster. This blog says more about the surprising reason firms must account for the six capitals in their company reports, described in more detail in a two-part article for Pure Advantage (see links at end). In Part 1 …Read More

The REAL – and very surprising – reason why companies must report against SIX capitals

We’ve just had that season again – no, I don’t mean for eating Easter eggs, but for presenting company reports. Columns of numbers that are eye-glazing for most of us, but vitally important for the integrity of business and the employment and other benefits it creates But a big shake-up is now well under way. In 2010 Mervyn King (economist and then Governor of the Bank of England) announced to …Read More

How on earth do you measure the $ ROI from environmental training!?!

Do your bosses and clients continually ask you to justify the cost of your environment and sustainability training? Are you struggling to build leadership around sustainability? In these challenging times, one very simple way to help businesses move from good to great is to be able to clearly articulate to your bosses and clients the cost/benefits of your environment and sustainability training. Did you hear about … the civil construction company that clocked …Read More

Company reports: integrated vs sustainability vs ESG vs responsibility?

In my series of articles for Pure Advantage on the six capitals I speak generally about “accounting for the six capitals” in order to span the wide variety of reports companies prepare to address their financial and other performance, whether in integrated reports, or in annual reports accompanied by separate sustainability and/or ecological, social and governance (ESG) or other corporate responsibility reports. The six capitals addressed in integrated company reports …Read More

Six capitals: the REAL returns on restoring our waters

Most people would agree that restoring our wetlands, stream banks and shorelines is “A Good Thing” – places look nicer, bird and fish life come back and so on. But it costs money and takes time – much of it volunteer time. In a demanding funding environment, how can we justify more comprehensive, strategic and proactive investment in environmental restoration? Measuring the results of spending time and money on this …Read More