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Carbon Nation—I love it! Wit, humour and business sense from film-maker Peter Byck

I absolutely adore reading my New Scientist magazine in the evenings – I even avidly read the table of contents for a sneak peek at what’s in store.

Having been away for five weeks meant I had a stack to get through, even without counting the other great mags I subscribe to.

The Feedback column at the end is always very funny – but the issue of 28 May 2011 had a laugh-out-loud opinion piece by film-maker Peter Byck. Entitled “Green spangled banner“, it’s about his latest film, “Carbon Nation“. The subtitle says “The best way to promote clean energy is to ignore climate change and focus on things like jobs, money and national security”. I am going to see this film, not because these are all frightfully worthy things, but because his writing tells me it will be hilarious.

The film is also  informative and non-polarizing: it focuses on the money we can make and save, and the money we’re already paying in carbon-related externalities – costs we pick up because emitters (us included) don’t.

Peter makes the case that a low-carbon economy is a national security issue, a great business opportunity, and even a way to keep families together, as decabonization encourages us to dream up smart ways of working.

What a way to get savvy about they post-carbon economy! I’ve been saying for ages that we need to get our hands on the money we can make from not emitting carbon before the money men get their hands on the money we lose by emitting it!

Click here to see a short interview with Peter.

And while you’re there – see what I said about the same thing here. Now… off to organize a showing of the film….