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As The Sustainability Strategist, I offer keynotes, master classes, training workshops, webinars and specialist coaching to stimulate inspiration and action.

But sometimes you’ll need me to be with you and your staff in a consulting role. How does that work?

My focus is on training that maximises the business benefit of your existing risk, environmental and sustainability management objectives and systems.

I galvanise you with the latest business, economic and training information to enhance your capability where you need it with respect to:

  • R.I.S.K. – Really Important Things to Know about your organisation: I help you clarify the risks your environment and sustainability aspects and impacts pose to the environment – AND the risks that these and other environment and sustainability drivers pose to your business
  • Strategy and Programs – I help you put in place a strategic response to the training needs indicated by your risk assessment that actually addresses how people learn at work, so that supporting your training programs becomes a part of everyone’s job
  • Trainers – I help you identify who your best trainers will be, whether they are already on your staff, or are a valued service provider or recognised external training provider
  • ROI – at the end of the day, it’s about the bottom line. Here I help you measure the business benefits of your environment and sustainability initiatives and the training that supports them.

I will work with you and your key people to:

  • develop a short, punchy and focused environment & sustainability training strategy and action plan
  • give you 1-page diagram executive summary for busy managers and boards
  • develop an executive briefing in powerpoint
  • enhance the capability of your people and the organization to deliver on your action plan and evaluate your results.


I can be there for you in an ongoing coaching role, where you identify your needs, opportunities and goals. We can work face to face, by phone or online, one to one or in a group.

Choose your model. I can work with you as a consultant or a coach:

  • full time for a day, a week or a month
  • for one or two days a week for up to six months.

I help you look at the internal and external risks, opportunities and systems specific to your organisation. Then I work with you to develop an environment and sustainability training strategy and action plan that is unique to you and that will benefit your bottom line.

Here’s Formula #1:

talk  — [walk + squawks] = gap analysis

TALK: I look at your public undertakings like policies and reports, around your people, quality, environment, sustainability and social responsibility.

WALK: I look at your risk analysis and management: what plans, systems, methods, communication, training, reporting and accountabilities do you have in place?

SQUAWKS: I look at your incident and complaints reporting and response, legal compliance track record, partner, stakeholder and value chain engagement, and innovation and change processes.

WALKING THE TALK: Solving Formula #1 yields a solution in the form of a gap analysis that tells us how well you are walking the talk: where are the gaps that expose you to risk or indicate missed opportunities?

Environment and sustainability initiatives must deliver a positive dollar benefit. Are you measuring their $ Return On Investment to your bottom line and your reputational and market value?

Need to do better? I can help you, using my unique expertise in evaluating the effectiveness of both environmental strategies, plans and environmental training.

This means we can plug the gaps using Formula #2:

talk  + walk + squawks =  $ROI

I’ve walked in your shoes. I know the difference it makes coming at sustainability from within rather than from outside an organisation. I’ve worked inside government and inside business, and I’ve worked for both business and government from the outside. Along the way, I’ve also worked with non-profits, first nations and professional and trade associations. No matter who you are, I can help you grow your sustainability capability.

I am happy to chat with you via Skype, telephone or email to discuss your needs. Just contact me here. I look forward to hearing from you!