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Do you need a helping hand to get the boss to send you to my ROI workshop?

Do you need a helping hand to get the boss to send you to my ROI workshop?

Budgets are tight and time is even tighter. It’s not always easy to persuade the boss that it’s a good idea for you to go to a particular workshop.

So what’s the return on investment of your attendance at a workshop on measuring in dollar terms the return on investment of your training?

Read on to find out about:

  1. the things you’ll be able to do after my Return on Investment (ROI) workshop
  2. an attendance request letter for you to tailor for your boss describing the workshop’s benefits
  3. CPD points you can earn to recognize your Continuing Professional Development
  4. my workshop’s applicability to environment & sustainability, health & safety and quality training
  5. 400,002 other reasons to attend!


1. The things you’ll be able to do after my Return on Investment (ROI) workshop

How extensively have you and your boss measured the very real organisational benefits of good training and the equally real business risks of poor workplace training?

In the workshop you’ll be working with peers in your profession to fully monetise the Return on Investment (ROI) of your environment & sustainability, health & safety and quality (SHEQ) training, by:

  • using a globally recognised set of checklists to identify the real dollar costs of even small incidents
  • using four different formulae to reveal different aspects of the dollar ROI of training
  • examining real case studies and the reputational and financial harm of poor performance
  • working out when and how often to do full financial ROI assessments of the effectiveness of training
  • the cost to the business of getting it wrong and the amazing business benefits of getting it right.

2. Do you need a helping hand to get the boss to send you or your staff to my ROI workshop?

Just open this Attendance Request Letter and tailor it to meet your needs.

Professional Development Request to Attend ROI Workshop

And you can just click here to register.

3. Did you know you can earn CPD Points by attending my workshops?

Yes you can! All my workshops are eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points from the following professional associations:

  • Engineering New Zealand – formerly IPENZ
  • NZPI – the New Zealand Planning Institute
  • EIANZ – the Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand.

If your professional association isn’t listed above, let me know and I will contact the relevant people.

4.  Applicability to all SHEQ practitioners!

This workshop works equally well for environment & sustainability, health & safety and quality training – so bring along the entire Zero Harm Team – it will be a great day for them all.

And here’s a final really important thing!

5.  Really, why should I attend the ROI workshop?

As well as the reasons I’ve just listed above, here are 400,002 other reasons:

  1. Check out the great testimonials below
  2. Do the sums with me at 400,000 reasons why you need to do $ ROI on your training
  3. Find out more about the unique and practical workshop content here.

Questions about coming? Just contact me here.

With all my best wishes for your business success!



Clare’s workshops are very engaging with real case study examples that are extremely helpful in real cases of future implementation. Wastewater monitoring business manager

Clare’s ROI workshop provides clear and practical guidance on how to work out the ROI of environment and sustainability initiatives, including training, and how to communicate results effectively to management. Environmental consultant

Enlightening presentation with potential real benefits to companies and staff development.  Bob Hirst, National Development Manager, Southeys Group Ltd

This is such an important and valuable offer/opportunity for businesses today. It is a critical budge in achieving meaningful awareness and thus change in our organisations, and thus society. Clare has a wonderful way of engaging her clients and bringing them on this journey. Thanks Clare! And thank you for the impressive follow up. Fonda Smyth, Management Consultant

Absolutely clear and useful. You can easily adopt what has been learnt in the relevant businesses. Environmental manager

Thank you for such an interesting and fun session! I really appreciated the opportunity to participate – it was a lovely group of people, and so interesting to hear others perspectives and learn from their experiences! Jane James, Sustainability, KiwiRail

Thought provoking, entertaining and practical. Mike Hannah, Managing Director, Stormwater 360

Really enjoyed the enthusiasm. Clare brings a unique style to her training – very effective. Environmental manager at a major transport infrastructure hub.

Clare is a vivacious and dynamic presenter who immediately engages you from the start. Simonne Liley, Consultant, UpTraining