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Overview: Highlights and How-to tools from four workshops

Environment and Sustainability Speed-Dating: a whistle-stop train(ing) ride through my Risk, Strategy, Programs and ROI workshops

Did you know that:

  • 90% of Asia-Pacific and 85% of European executives (over 1200 surveyed in 2015-16) said corporate responsibility and sustainability were becoming an increasingly important part of business strategy? For US executives, that’s 88%.
  • 79% and 69% respectively said their CEO is convinced of the value of sustainability?
  • 66% and 55% respectively said sustainability is driving revenue for their business?
  • 61% of sustainability professionals in a 2015 survey believed sustainability should be involved in setting the strategy for supply chain and procurement?
  • 46% of New Zealand and global CEOs in a 2014 survey of over 1,300 believe that resource scarcity and climate change were global trends that will transform their business over the next five years?

If your company is looking to export or win more local customers, you need to know what this means for your business.

The good news is that good environment and sustainability management delivers higher staff engagement, productivity, profitability and reputational credibility. There is a big and growing body of business and financial research in this area and I actively follow it in order to benefit my business clients.

In his 1992 book, The Ecology of Commerce, Paul Hawken said “Business is the only mechanism powerful enough to reverse global environmental and social degradation.” It’s still true.

I am the Sustainability Strategist and the author of “How to Change the World – a practical guide to successful environmental training programs”. Based on this and over 20 years of business training, I have developed my own unique suite of environment and sustainability training workshops.

Now you can get a taster of all my workshops in this 1-day practical overview.

07 Overview_small-2 

This 1-day workshop gives real value at the start of your environment and sustainability training journey. Four interactive, thought-provoking modules challenge you to:

  • see the risks environment and sustainability (E&S) pose to your business
  • understand why you need a strategy to align your E&S training with your business goals
  • identify the core E&S training programs you nee
  • justify the cost of the training you need to do – and the business benefits it can deliver.

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Who will benefit from this workshop?

Have you heard (or made) any of these complaints about environment and sustainability?

  • “Our business requires a 2 year pay back period and all sustainable initiatives have pay back periods longer than that, so the funding is never approved.”
  • “It’s just a cost of doing business in some markets, but all this sustainability stuff just doesn’t yield the return.”
  • “Our firm doesn’t have any environmental impact, but customers keep on asking us about it.”

If you worry about these things, then this overview workshop is for you, whether you:

  • have a high risk and compliance profile
  • want to explore the business opportunities of environment and sustainability
  • are keen to reduce your carbon footprint – or
  • would simply like to find out more of the financial benefits you’ve heard about.

Environment and sustainability speed-dating: workshop outcomes

This 1-day workshop overviews four of my five workshops in a way that gives you real value at the start of your environment and sustainability training journey, giving you:

  • a screenshot of the value to your firm of environment and sustainability training a
  • a grip on the risks that environment and sustainability pose to your business
  • practical tips about the business opportunities hiding inside those risks
  • tactics for identifying the core E&S training programs you need
  • a strategy for aligning your E&S training with your business goals and attracting the resources you need to execute your training strategy.

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Registration includes:

  • a printed workbook
  • morning and afternoon tea and lunch
  • practical activities before, during and after the workshop that help you get the most out of the day
  • an Open Badge of attendance to go in your own electronic training backpack.

Workshop details

Date:     Coming soon …..  This workshop runs when a minimum of eight people register. It can also be run in-house. Just contact me here!

Time:     8:30am to 5:00pm

Fee:        $495.00 pre-GST for individuals (see discounts below)

$3,900 pre-GST for in-house training

Place:     Best Western Ellerslie International Motor Inn, 2 Wilkinson Rd, Ellerslie, Auckland. There is accommodation and parking on site, a major bus route has stops nearby and the Ellerslie train station is a brisk walk or a taxi ride away.

Discounts are available:

  • 10% discount if you attend two workshops (single individual)
  • 20% discount if you sign up for three or four workshops (single individual)
  • 20% discount for two or more people from the same organisation attending any one workshop or a series of workshops.

Expressions of interest

  • Click here to express your interest in attending this workshop when it next runs or running it in-house – and get a copy of my micro ebook “Partnerships and profits – environmental training programs and their benefits to businesses and regulators”.


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