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Greening Florida—sponsor a highway…??!!??

I saw several billboards along the highway between Orlando and Gainesville, with only the top line (‘Greening Florida’) coming to my attention as we flashed by. After seeing several, I resolved to look at the foot of the billboard, and was astounded to see it say ‘Sponsor a highway’. Not normally something one would associate with a greening program!

Apparently – and I couldn’t find any more information than this, but will keep looking – the aim is to help fund the building of a turnpike (a highway paid for by tolls) – and you can have your logo put up in the blank space in the centre of the billboard as a sponsor. How this makes Florida greener, I’m not sure…

That said, I have noticed a lot of very new and well-maintained plantings and stormwater treatment ponds along the main highways. Are they related? I’ll see if I can find out.

This is different from Florida’s ‘Adopt-A-Highway Program’ http://www.dot.state.fl.us/statemaintenanceoffice/aah.shtm in which schools, communities and organizations adopt a 2-mile stretch of a highway for 2 years and get involved in litter removal – a good idea to educate future drivers (if there are any after peak oil) to keep a recycling and compost bag in the cab.

I’ve been reading the US newspapers here and one listed Exxon Mobil as the world’s biggest company, while the Wall Street Journal noted on the front page that the company, like all its peers, is only discovering 95 barrels of oil for every 100 it sells and is now, also like the rest, focusing on exploration and exploitation of the much less energy-dense gas fields.