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How to change the world

Are you constantly fighting a rearguard action against water, soil and air pollution and other environmental impacts from construction, manufacturing, utility works, forestry and farming?

Do you want to up the sustainability of firms in the service sector?

Then you need my book. It’s essential for environmental experts and tertiary and vocational educators involved with environmental training programs run by:

  • government agencies
  • businesses
  • professional and trade associations
  • utilities
  • first peoples and community groups.


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It’s also for professional trainers and HR learning and development personnel, who know how to work with environmental subject matter experts.

It contains case studies of training programs in erosion and sediment control, manufacturing, riparian management, farming, utility operation and environmental restoration by first nations.

The book is supported by a free Action Planner and a webpage with over 30 other free resources.

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I love the layout, principles, and your conversational style. It is a gem and I'll spread the word.

Mark Hostetler, Professor, Department of Wildlife Ecology & Conservation, IFAS, University of Florida.