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Business Transformation: the Learning Organisation

How the seven risks that environment and sustainability pose to your firm can make you a smarter and more profitable operation.

A 1-day workshop

  • Does your business come under any degree of environmental compliance focus?
  • Are your customers, shareholders, lenders and insurers asking about your ecological, social and governance practices?
  • Are you struggling to define just how environment and sustainability risks are affecting your business bottom lines?
  • Do you worry about how sustainability pressures could affect the future of your business, and what to do about it?

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, then this workshop is for you. It sounds like compliance – but it’s really about transforming your business – and it’s based on solid evidence, including my own practical experience and deep research.

You presented some very well-developed thoughts on environmental performance and business success which went down extremely well with the contractors, who are a tough-minded audience. Derrick Adams, CEO, HEB Construction Ltd

This workshop helps you comply with the risk standards you use.

It applies leading science and business information to a range of very real risks posed by:

  • how your firm’s risk perception and appetite is influenced by neurology, psychology, individual conditioning and organisational culture
  • how this influences our attitude to environmental compliance and sustainability
  • global risks identified by the World Economic Forum
  • reputational and financial risks related to environment and sustainability
  • the risk to businesses posed by stronger drivers for social, financial and environmental sustainability.

Who should attend

  • CFOs – chief financial officers
  • CSOs – chief sustainability officers and environmental managers
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • learning and development staff in HR/people and culture teams
  • bid and tender teams where environment and sustainability are selection criteria
  • project or site managers where environment and sustainability are a compliance focus, e.g. civil and building construction or manufacturing
  • supply chain managers working with geopolitical and climate factors
  • government and nonprofits wanting to reframe environmental compliance as an opportunity for best business practice
  • health, safely, quality and environment staff whose roles include environment and sustainability management.

Ask me about special short workshops for:

  • business advisers including accountants, lenders, investors and insurers
  • CEOs and other C-suite officers
  • Company directors.

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CPD points/hours available!

In the workshop you will:

  • examine case studies on the financial and reputational damage that businesses can incur when they do not appreciate the need to actively manage and learn from these aspects of risk
  • open up to wider drivers of risk such as those identified by the World Economic Forum
  • grasp the increasingly stringent reporting criteria being adopted by more and more stock exchanges all around the world
  • have the time to assess and discuss these risks with respect to your own organisation and risk management procedures
  • follow up on the provocative material in the workshop to develop your own management solutions.

You will learn how to:

  • build a 360 degree perspective on the risks the environment poses to your business
  • understand the psychological, social, cultural and organisational aspects of the different risk profiles that environment and sustainability pose to your business.

After the workshop

This workshop will transform how you see – and manage – the risks posed to your business by environment and sustainability. After attending, you will be able to:

  • understand how the human brain perceives and reacts to different kinds of risk
  • assess your personal and corporate risk appetite or risk aversion
  • appreciate others’ perspectives around environment and sustainability
  • identify and manage other people’s and parties’ attitudes to risk
  • identify a wider range of risks the environment poses to your business
  • assess and discuss these risks with respect to your own organisation and risk management procedures
  • work with environmental laws and contracts to deliver business benefits
  • position your company for risk reduction, reputation management and more sustainable practices
  • identify the threats that sustainability poses to your business – and seize the opportunities they offer.

Clare was the stand out speaker at our Stormwater and Sediment Field Day. This event is held outside and it is a feat to address approximately 300 attendees in this environment. As the final speaker, Clare captivated and engaged the audience, finishing the presentations on a high note. Marcus Ballantyne, Auckland Council

Your workshop facilitator

Clare Feeney is the Sustainability Strategist. She helps business and government bodies solve environmental problems with targeted training.

She is an award-winning professional speaker and trainer, and a published author. Her book How to change the world: a practical guide to successful environmental training programs was published in the UK in 2013.

Clare wholeheartedly believes that today’s challenges offer some of humanity’s most exciting opportunities to make real differences to people and places. Spreading the wealth of benefits from environment and sustainability training is her chosen role in building a happy and lasting future for all life on Earth.

This is her life’s work.

Clare has a unique and proven approach to environment and sustainability, for three very different reasons.

Firstly, she is an environmental expert: she has worked at the coalface, academic and strategic levels of the environment and sustainability area all of her professional life.

Secondly, she has been a member of the New Zealand Association of Training and Development for over 20 years. She takes her role as an environment and sustainability trainer very seriously, and makes the most of the Association’s professional development opportunities, learning from the leading practitioners of professional learning and development in the US and Australasia.

Thirdly, she is a subscriber to the Harvard Business Review and subscribes to other economic and business analyses – she’s across all the risk and business trends.

Clare’s vision is that every job is a green job. And she knows that great environment and sustainability training is a practical and transformative way to:

create jobs

grow profits

improve the environment.

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Score CPD points or hours!

By attending this workshop you may be able to obtain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points or hours from the following professional associations:

  • EIANZ – the Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand
  • Engineering New Zealand – formerly IPENZ
  • NZPI – the New Zealand Planning Institute.

This workshop is 7.5 hours of training activity, excluding time for tea breaks and lunch. Some professional associations equate 1 CPD point for 1 hour of training activity. Please refer to the requirements of your own professional association for the number of CPD points or hours this workshop will earn you.

Please let me know if your professional association is not listed above and I will contact the relevant people.

Workshop details

Date:     13 November 2018 in Auckland (other dates and places on request). See my full 2018 workshop calendar here.

Time:     9:00am to 5:00pm

Fee:        $495.00 pre-GST – look out for early bird and other discounts!

Place:    I’ll confirm the venue closer to the time.

Enquire now: for your quality learning experience, only 20 people can attend each workshop.

 Not in Auckland? Not in New Zealand? Ask me how I can help you.

You can also ask me about other options, including:

  • in-house training
  • webinar options
  • 1:1 or small group mentoring.

It was a pure inspiration to listen to your speech yesterday afternoon! Danka Urta, Permathene

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