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Science and sustainability win the day at Ellerslie International Flower Show

Urban sustainability exhibits won several awards earlier this year at the Ellerslie International Flower Show in Christchurch, New Zealand. My colleague Dr Colin Meurk helped create Landcare Research’s ‘Transitions’ exhibition garden that won the Supreme Award for Horticultural Excellence.

The destruction of much of this beautiful city as a result of the devastating series of earthquakes has led to a great deal of community reflection on how to rebuild, and locals have expressed a strong desire for a greener central city. In its exhibition Landcare Research showcased some possibilities for introducing more indigenous plants into urban areas, including pocket parks, living walls, green roofs and natural water treatment. The exhibition showed how people, nature and sustainable urban water management can be drawn together in a way while restoring some of the plants and wildlife that have been lost during the city’s development.

Find out more about Colin’s award-winning garden here and here.

And another science-based exhibit, also a crowd favorite and winner of the Judge’s Supreme Award, was ‘Max’s Pipe Dream, An Engineer’s Garden’. Designed by Paul Roper-Gee of Beca (a major engineering consultancy), the garden won three awards and was the clear-cut winner for the Supreme Award, being fun, innovative and with great styling. Everyone loved the garden for its connection with the Mackenzie Country’s hydro engineering landscape. Click here and here to find out more.

These awards are great news for the science of urban sustainability, showing how people, plants and animals can all enjoy attractive urban landscapes.