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Provocative, informative and humorous, Clare is just what you need for your event. 

Are you:

  • looking for higher staff engagement and productivity?
  • inspired, confused or turned off by sustainability?
  • already doing well and want to do better?
  • looking for a way to engage businesses in better environmental management?
  • interested in business metrics around risk?

Then you are exactly who I work with. I’m The Sustainability Strategist and here are my most popular keynotes.

The Productivity Paradox

What to aim at if productivity’s your target

Everyone’s telling us we have to innovate and be more productive, just to stay afloat in these still uncertain times. But what do you do if there’s no internal R&D budget or cheap research grants? And did you know that aiming directly to increase productivity makes you more likely to miss the target?

So what else do you aim for? How exactly DO you drive innovation and productivity?

Your audience will learn:

  • how to foster creativity, based on the latest in business innovation and brain science

  • how the excuses we all make to swerve around sustainability are a key to unlocking your productivity potential

  • what REALLY builds staff engagement – and delivers the productivity you need.

From “Ow!” to “Wow!”

How to leverage the environment to build a better business. 

Most companies focus on the risk their operations pose to the environment. But in reality, the environment poses a risk to your business.

By reframing the way you look at business and the environment, you will identify some often overlooked business risks and see how each one offers profitability opportunities for your firm – or firms in which you have a financial stake.

Your audience will learn:

  • why environmental performance is such a good diagnostic of a company’s overall performance

  • how legal compliance is not a prison door but a gateway to becoming an agile and competitive firm

  • what you can do to transform environmental risks and threats into opportunities to grow a more innovative, sustainable and profitable business. 

How to change the world

Creating jobs that grow profits while improving the environment

“Higher environmental standards will kill jobs.” “Going green just adds costs for no benefit.” “You can’t go green if you’re in the red.” These statements reflect very real worries for many companies, and for the government bodies working with them on environmental issues.

Surprisingly, however, the evidence points the other way, with green jobs playing a growing role in creating much-needed jobs. In fact they are already a big and rapidly-growing sector of the economy, delivering an all-round better quality of life.

Your audience will learn:

  • how environmental training creates green jobs – decent jobs that grow skills and profits while improving human health and the environment

  • how to set up effective long-standing and acclaimed environmental training programs using my proven success framework

  • how to evaluate the effectiveness of your environmental training – and now to measure the dollar ROI for participating businesses as well as the improved environmental outcomes you need.

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For event organisers

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Enquire here about my availability for your next event and my guarantee to you. 

My presentations deliver what your audience needs, be it: 

  • hard data on the business case for sustainability
  • releasing the untapped creativity and productivity of your staff
  • insights and strategies for sustainability for your firm or for your sector
  • emerging paradigms of human, economic and ecological wellbeing
  • practical solutions to the environmental issues your company or jurisdiction faces.

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  • Clare was the stand out speaker at our Stormwater and Sediment Field Day. This event is held outside and it is a feat to address the 300 attendees. As the final speaker, Clare captivated and engaged the audience, finishing the presentations on a high note

    Marcus Ballantyne, Stormwater Education Advisor, Auckland Regional Council.

  • It was a pure inspiration to listen to your speech yesterday afternoon!

    Danka Urta, Permathene.

  • What a great presentation! A very different take on innovation for the contractors in the audience, and it really worked - a lot of people said how much they got out of it

    Fiona Mountfort, Environmental Manager, HEB Construction Ltd.

  • Clare changed my viewpoint on what sustainability means and helped me think more laterally about what can be done. I will go back and see what sustainability measures I can make and make a difference!

    Bupa Care Services

My grasp of mega-trends in business, economics, risk, environment and wellbeing is backed up by a wealth of real-life experience, extensive reading and a host of anecdotes from working with many different sectors. It all helps me shine a light on how you can grow your sustainability capability. 

I’m happy to chat with you via Skype, telephone or email to discuss how I can help you meet your conference’s themes and objectives – and send your audiences away fizzing with ideas for action.