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My guarantee to you

You want your event to run well and your audience to leave inspired and ready for action. 
Here is what I will do for you ….

Before your event

  • study your conference themes, objectives and desired outcomes
  • interview your event planner and client representatives to agree on my brief
  • get a good sense of the goals, pressures, constraints and opportunities you face
  • blend your sector’s zeitgeist with my own unique take as The Sustainability Strategist to tailor or customise an entertaining and informative presentation for your audience
  • provide my AV requirements, and customised introduction and travel itinerary in advance
  • provide publicity photos and a customised biography to help you promote your event.

During your event

  • turn up early to liaise with your event organiser, client representative, AV team and MC
  • mingle with attendees to canvass your sector’s mood, hopes and needs
  • change my presentation or its timing to suit your schedule and needs on the day
  • keep to time – or if events are running late, make up for lost time
  • deliver an entertaining, engaging, relevant and informative presentation
  • answer questions
  • leave your audience with a clear call to action and the tools they need to respond to it. 

After your event

  • stay after the presentation to engage with attendees and answer questions
  • prepare for you a short post-event review of my learnings, impressions and suggestions for next steps to maximise the impact of my presentation
  • ask for feedback from you after the event
  • provide access to resources and support as needed for your attendees. 

And here is what I won’t do …

  • go over time
  • give you any nasty surprises
  • bill for hidden extras
  • breach the confidentiality of any client.
Clare changed my viewpoint on what sustainability means and helped me think more laterally about what can be done.

Bupa Care Services

Clare’s presentation was edgy, informative and refreshingly un-PC.

New Zealand Association of Environmental Education conference attendee

Clare was the stand out speaker at our Stormwater and Sediment Field Day. This event is held outside and it is a feat to address the 300 attendees. As the final speaker, Clare captivated and engaged the audience, finishing the presentations on a high note.

Marcus Ballantyne, Stormwater Education Advisor, Auckland Regional Council