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Support New Zealand’s Zero Carbon Bill – go on, do!

With our school children suffering from climate anxiety and demonstrating in the streets, CEOs signing up to a climate change coalition, some councils declaring a climate emergency and others asking for guidance about what to do – well, what CAN we do?

Make a submission in support of the Climate Change Bill, that’s what!

Thanks to Dr Bronywn Hayward’s excellent radio interview, that’s just what I’ve done. I’ve included the text below – use it if you want to, or write your own. You don’t have to say a lot and it’s all quite simple to do. Instructions and links below!

I strongly support this Bill and its aims and targets. I applaud its practical and risk-based approach and the guidance that will be produced to support appropriate actions by the public and private sectors and society at large. Councils and companies have been seeking such practical support for some time and will welcome a considered and effective approach. This will also come as a great relief to communities and demographics all around the country.

I support the establishment of a Climate Change Commission and the role of the Minister for Climate change. I support the science-based approach as well as the wellbeing and equity considerations that align the Bill’s outcomes with national wellbeing initiatives.

The Bill is well-aligned with prior work by the Productivity Commission and the ongoing work of the Government’s Just Transition Unit.

May I refer you to an invaluable resource for this ongoing work:

Below are two extremely helpful commentaries by respected professionals:

Find out more about the Climate Leaders Coalition, with 97 chief executives signed up, at https://www.climateleaderscoalition.org.nz/about

About the Bill: