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The book—How to Change the World

This book offers inspiring case-studies, lively writing, and best of all a series of steps and tools to enable any organisation to improve its environmental performance. There is plenty in here for individuals too. Clare Feeney’s depth of experience and wisdom on good environmental practice and how to encourage people to commit to it shines through on every page.

Associate Professor, Niki Harré, School of Psychology, University of Auckland, New Zealand. Niki is the co-editor of Carbon Neutral by 2020: how New Zealanders can tackle climate change and author of Psychology for a Better World: strategies to inspire sustainability.

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Keynote Presentations

Clare’s presentation was ‘edgy, informative and refreshingly un-PC!

Attendee at the NZ Association of Environmental Education Conference 2012.

I thoroughly enjoyed your session and learnt information that I hope to apply in my own workplace.

Dr Coral Pepper, Edith Cowan University, Australia.

I was really impressed with your presentation … such huge potential for making a real difference to environmental outcomes.

Jenny Baker, ECO (Environment and Conservation Organisations of Aotearoa).

It was a pure inspiration to listen to your speech yesterday!

Danka Urta, Permathene, Auckland.


I really did enjoy the workshop. It was exactly what I needed to help me achieve my business objectives.

Constance Kola-Lawal, Nigeria.

I loved the openness and exploratory nature of the workshop, and appreciate getting the workbook and references to take away and continue thinking! Really look forward to the next steps.

Jane James, New Zealand.

Clare is an able and entertaining trainer who created a stimulating learning environment. Her lively personality soon had us all working together on practical tasks and learning from each other’s experience. I learned many important things about training that I will use

Jan Crawford, New Zealand.

A big THANKS for the fabulous workshop. You are doing so well framing all this amazing thinking and I can really appreciate the challenge in translating the depth of thought into digestible format for others! You are certainly the right person to be promoting and supporting this thinking in “environmental programmes” which is so transferable to such a range of topic areas. I am making the time to apply it in my work.

Jane James, New Zealand.