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The nature of cities – a collective blog on cities as ecological spaces

Friend and colleague Mark Hostetler recently posted a blog about Conservation Developments with a unique web site called the Nature of Cities.  It is a blog space that hosts the thoughts on urban ecological spaces of a collective of writers from all over the world.

Mark’s recent contribution asks, “How functional is a conservation development in terms of conserving biodiversity?”  He defines conservation development as “an approach to the design, construction, and stewardship of a development that achieves functional protection of natural resources, while also providing social and economic benefits to human communities.”

But how well do they work? Mark poses four key evaluation questions – and as someone who (it has to be said) almost nags her clients about monitoring and evaluation, I believe he’s making an important contribution.

Even better, his blog is lengthy enough to give a really thorough answer to his four questions. They are:


  1. What kinds of tree protection and natural area conservation strategies have been employed?
  2. Is there a long-term environmental education program for residents in the conservation development?
  3. Do the Covenants, Codes, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) address any environmental issues?
  4. What types of plants are used for landscaping within the conservation development?

I’ve taken a good look at Mark’s blog and the list of other postings – they look excellent.

What questions can we ask about the ecological functionality and effectiveness of our own development projects?
Click here to read Mark’s blog and on the links below to find out more about Mark’s work.

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