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90% of Asia-Pacific and 85% of European executives (over 1200 surveyed) said corporate responsibility and sustainability were becoming an increasingly important part of business strategy.

79% and 69% respectively said their CEO is convinced of the value of sustainability.

66% and 55% respectively said sustainability is driving revenue for their business.

46% of New Zealand and global CEOs (over 1,300 surveyed believe resource scarcity and climate change are global trends that will transform their business over the next five years.

What does this mean for YOUR business?

It means your business will gain higher staff engagement, productivity, profitability, competitive advantage and reputational credibility from good environment and sustainability strategy, management and training.

But the most common concerns I hear about environment and sustainability are:

  • “It’s too expensive to do it properly – I just can’t get the budget for it.”
  • “They ask me for a business case but I can’t find any decent data to put it together.”
  • “They come on the training but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.”
  • “I want to set up a training program but there’s so much to do, I just don’t know where to start.”

Do you worry about these things, too? And do your health, safety and quality colleagues share similar concerns?

I am the Sustainability Strategist and the author of “How to Change the World – a practical guide to successful environmental training programs”.

You can benefit from my 20-years of experience and research when you join me in your choice of environment and sustainability workshops that will set you up for great results, whether you are a business, non-profit or government body.

Do you see environment and sustainability as a cost to business? Or an amazing business opportunity?

Either way, you need them!

Workshops that grow your  PROFIT.ABILITY  and  SUSTAIN.ABILITY

Vital for companies with high risk and compliance profiles, these workshops are also essential for any organisation wanting to reduce its carbon footprint – and enjoy the resulting financial benefits.

Workshops where you get to work on YOUR stuff!

I run small, active and interactive workshops so people can talk, work, practise, share and get supportive feedback. A pre-workshop activity gives you the opportunity to think about your own work and objectives and to bring along ideas and materials to work with on the day. Follow-up activities help you revisit and consolidate your learning so you can start to use it straight away back at work.

I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your own unique goals!

Quite a bit of my work is in-house for clients. If you want to organise in-house training for your organisation, please contact me here.

Click here to see my 2018 Calendar.

Click here to ask me about running them where you are.



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(2) PWC (2014) 17th Annual Global CEO survey: transforming Talent Strategy. Key findings for New Zealand