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My workshops cover two main aspects of environmental training:

    • The success framework – the elements that will support the uptake and effectiveness of your environmental training program
    • Best practice training – how to develop and deliver environmental training that is relevant, enjoyable and effective.

I run three core workshops:

This table shows the relative focus on these two aspects in each of my three core workshops.

12 Clare Feeney_Table 1

The next tables list my core modules under three headings:

  • the success framework
  • best practice training
  • specialist modules for Program Advisers.

You can mix and match these modules to meet your own needs – but remember, less is more! Focusing in depth on a few priority topics will make your workshop more effective.

Click here for an edited table of contents of my book to check that all your needs are listed in the modules below. If not, my wealth of experience enables me to expand or develop a module especially for you. Just ask!

Click here to find out more about different formats and options for training delivery – face-to-face, online, on site or blended.

13 Clare Feeney_Table 2Modules about best practice training
15 Clare Feeney_Table 4