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Program Adviser Workshop

In this workshop, “How to become a Program Adviser”, I show people how they can become Program Advisers, like me.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

This workshop is for people with a deep understanding of environmental management and environmental training who want to work at a more strategic level.

  • Have you become inspired by the potential for environmental training to make a difference?
  • Do you have experience with both environmental management and environmental training?
  • Do you have good facilitation skills?
  • Are you well-networked into a significant sector or a range of different sectors?
  • Are you yearning to make a wider and more lasting impact for the good of people and the environment?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to two or more of those questions, then my Program Adviser workshop is for you.

Workshop outcomes

After attending this workshop, you will:

  • understand each of the key elements in my success framework, and how they work together to enhance the effectiveness of environmental training programs
  • know how to use my capability-enhancing approach to train more people to become Program Advisers, so they can also help others set up effective environmental training programs.

The new Program Advisers whom you train will then go on to work in the sectors in which they are already employed, helping environmental program managers to set up training programs for people and organisations including:

  • businesses and utilities
  • environmental agencies at local, regional, state, government and international level
  • professional, trades and industry associations and workplace unions
  • supply chain managers
  • first nations peoples, environmental associations and community and non-profit groups
  • tertiary and vocational educators and their students
  • professional trainers working with environmental subject matter experts.

Workshop contents

My training covers two main aspects of environmental training:

  • the success framework – the elements that will support the uptake and effectiveness of your environmental training program
  • best practice training – how to develop and deliver environmental training that is relevant, enjoyable and effective.

You can mix and match the focus to meet your own needs. See a detailed overview of the modules in my workshops here.

Find out here what’s in the comprehensive support package that I provide for every workshop attendee.

I loved the openness and exploratory nature of the workshop, and appreciate getting the workbook and references to take away and continue thinking! Really look forward to the next steps.