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Program Success Workshop

Do you want to set up an environmental training program, but worry about cost and risk?
proven framework fmIn this workshop on “How to set up successful Environmental Training Programs”, I act as a Program Adviser for people and organisations in all sectors wanting to enhance existing environmental training programs or set up new ones. You will work with my proven framework and your own knowledge and aspirations to build a truly effective program.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

  • businesses and utilities with environmental risks and compliance needs that want the higher staff engagement, productivity and profitability that environmental training will yield
  • environmental agencies at local, regional, state, government and international level who identify training as a solution to specific social, economic and environmental problems
  • professional, trades and industry associations and workplace unions who want to develop workplace-specific environmental training for their members, including creating new vocational qualifications for environmental training
  • supply chain managers who see environmental training as a way to encourage or require good environmental practice in their supply chains and corporate procurement policies
  •  first nations peoples, environmental associations and community and non-profit groups with environmental interests who want to develop training programs for their staff and volunteers in order to achieve their identified cultural, social, environmental and economic outcomes
  • tertiary and vocational educators and their students wanting to develop and attend tertiary-accredited courses focused on helping agencies set up, manage, monitor and evaluate successful environmental training programs
  • professional trainers working with environmental subject matter experts to help them gain a deeper understanding of frameworks for environmental management, monitoring and evaluation
  • environmental program managers from any sector who want to work out if training could be a solution for them, and learn how to assess the effectiveness of both their training and their wider environmental management program.

Workshop outcomes

After attending this workshop, you will know how to:

  • set up a proven success framework that will support your environmental training
  • work with your internal and external stakeholders to enhance its effectiveness
  • measure the outcomes of your training and the wider environmental program of which it is a part
  • use best practice training principles to create and deliver relevant, enjoyable and effective training
  • win ongoing support for your training program.

This workshop is one of the three core workshops I use to spread the word about my unique model, which maximizes the reach of environmental training programs. Find out more about it as part of my current workshops here.

You can mix and match the focus of my core workshops to meet your own needs. See a detailed overview of their modules here.

Find out here what’s in the comprehensive support package that I provide for every workshop attendee.

From her pre-workshop surveys and activities to the practical activities during the workshop and post-workshop support, Clare’s training is a practical, animated and fun learning experience.